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A recent project by Valley Roofing, a nice brown roof over a light blue siding with dark blue shutters

Choosing a color or style for your home can be difficult, lucky for you, we offer a variety of brands and lines to satisfy every combination you could ever want.  From vinyl to stone, we take special care to make your home as unique as you are.

We have an experienced team who are ready to install the industry's leading brands; from Norandex, Everlast, James Hardie and Mastic Ply Gem.  We have you covered.  

Norandex - Summit Manor Vinyl Siding

Make Summit Manor vinyl siding the choice for the life and looks of your home.

Available in three styles:

  • D4 Clapboard

  • D4.5 Clapboard

  • D4.5 Dutchlap

Don't forget the matching and contrasting soffit and accessories available through Norandex to help you design the home of your dreams.

Norandex Siding Summit Manor color options - image by Norandex

Norandex - Woodsman Select Vinyl Siding

Woodsman Select offers the warm, natural look of roughsawn cedar while boasting all the benefits of vinyl.  You will never have to scrape, sand or paint again, saving you time and money on home maintenance.

Available in four styles: 

  • D4 & D5 Clapboard

  • D4 & D5 Dutchlap

Woodsman Select comes in a beautiful palette of traditional, premium, and designer colors appealing to all tastes and styles. Homeowners can spec these colors with confidence knowing they're protected with ColorHold Technology from Norandex.

With four distinctive profiles and 22 color choices, Woodsman Select has numerous option available so you can create an exterior finish that's uniquely you.

Norandex Siding Woodsman Select color options - image by Norandex

Norandex - Home Accents Vinyl Siding


For premium vinyl siding with the warm aesthetics of real cedar - Home Accents by Norandex offers an array of natural-looking designs and colors.  

Home Accents is available in three styles: 

  • Staggered Shake 

  • Split Shake

  • Perfection Shake

    Available in 37 colors!


Norandex - Cedar Knolls Vinyl Siding


Cedar Knolls offers natural cedar woodgrain pattern that mirrors the look of hand cut wood cladding. Rich, beautiful colors to complement a home’s natural surroundings. For a finish that stands out, and will stand up to the elements, choose Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding.

Cedar Knolls is available in three styles: 

  • D4 Clapboard 

  • D5 Clapboard

  • D5 Dutchlap

    Available in 30 colors!

Norandex Siding Cedar Knolls color options - image by Norandex

Norandex - Board & Batten Vinyl Siding


Expand Your Options with a Truly Distinctive Look!

Give your home a true mark of distinction with a unique vertical siding. Expand your architectural options by using Board & Batten for the entire house or simply as an accent panel on walls, gable ends and porches.

Stand out from other homes in your neighborhood with this contemporary style that will have your neighbors talking.


Backed by one of the best warranties in the business, Board & Batten premium vertical vinyl siding is available in a broad spectrum of colors.

Norandex Siding Board & Batten color options - image by Norandex

Everlast - Lap Vinyl Siding


Available in a variety of options: 

  1. Harbor Blue

  2. Blue Spruce

  3. Willow

  4. Spanish Moss

  5. Antique Ivory

  6. Sand Dune

  7. Misty Taupe

  8. Chestnut

  9. Saddlewood

  10. Seaside Grey

  11. Slate

  12. Flagstone

  13. Storm Grey

  14. Cabernet Red

  15. Natural White

Everlast Siding Lap color options - image by Everlast

Everlast - Board & Batten Vinyl Siding


Available in a variety of options: 

  1. Blue Spruce

  2. Sand Dune

  3. Misty Taupe

  4. Chestnut

  5. Saddle Wood

  6. Seaside Grey

  7. Flagstone

  8. Storm Grey

  9. Cabernet Red

  10. Natural White

Everlast Board & Batten Siding color options - image by Everlast

James Hardie - Statement Collection™  Vinyl Siding


The Statement Collection™ products feature your region’s most popular ColorPlus® Technology colors.


These siding and trim products are locally stocked and readily available so you can pick a favorite for your home today.

James Hardie Statement Collection color options - image by James Hardie

Versetta Stone - Tight Cut Siding


Versetta Stone Tight Cut pattern gives you the sophisticated look of expertly cut and fitted stones in a panel that installs with screws or nails. It’s an efficient way to raise the bar on curb appeal. Plus, you can use it inside for an accent wall or fireplace, or outside around a patio or pool where you want the inviting look of stone. Offered in six variants.  (Actual colors may vary from those represented on screen.)

Versetta Stone Tight Cut siding color options - image by Versetta Stone

Versetta Stone - Ledgerstone Siding


Versetta Stone Ledgerstone offers a traditional dry stack appearance that complements so many styles of homes. With its staggered layers and rough-cut appearance, it offers visual balance to other exterior materials including brick, stucco and wood. Offered in six variants.  (Actual colors may vary from those represented on screen.)

Versetta Stone Ledgerstone color options - image by Versetta Stone

Need help?

Looking for more information about our vendors and their offerings? Or simply need advice on where to begin with your project? Give us a call for a free estimate.


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